Thee Knittery

Thursday, October 26, 2006


I fiiiiiiiiiiiiinnaaaalllllyyyy finished the socktoberfest socks around bedtime last night! Boy, I've been working on those a long time....I have pics of them, but can't post til the person I made them for receives them, so check back.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Is this considered cruel and unusual punishment???

This is Reese. He love clothes! He loves to run around the house in his doggie t shirts and jerseys.....

He is showing you his mean face:)

More of Reeses fashion show in the future.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

MMMMMMMMM Onion rings.....

The man and myself were out and about tonight and ran across a Dairy Queen! I NEVER see Dairy Queen of course we HAD to stop. What is a must when dining with the queen??? Onion rings! Let me say, they were as good as I remembered......

On the knitting front, I have a pair of socks I am nearly finished with in honor of socktoberfest...but I can't post pics til the recepient receives them:) No will give it away!

I have a few projects I really need to finish for Christmas, but dont' think I will get around to I'm thinking they will be new years gifts! Hey, in my book, a gift any time of year is good!

We found the weirdest thing in our yard yesterday. We had a mountain of firewood that needed to be moved (about 3 cords worth) and at the bottom of the pile, there were 2 coal black toads! Yes folks, I said coal black! I wish I would have gotten pics of them, but sadly, I didn' you'll just have to take my word.....I nearly had a heart attack! I must have come very close to picking them up several times. If anyone else has ever seen black toads, please let me know!

Well, its time to finish up the dinner dishes that I lazily left in the sink after supper...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


One of my fav shows in on the Sci Fi channel. Its Ghost hunters. Have you all checked it out?? If not, I highly suggest it! I thought since Halloween is just around the corner, something spooky was in order....share you personal ghost stories:) I'd love to hear them!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Not really, but I've been so busy with life that blogging seems to fall to the end of the list daily! So I told myself, you gotta post today...

Not much on the knitting front. Just a few odds and ends I need to finish up.

The weather has finally caught up the calander....its in the 60s today. When the weather turns colder, that means that the dogs start to drop their summer coats even more. It is a constant battle between me and the dog hair!

I'll post pics of my latest knitting endevors as soon as they are finished!